Name of project partner: Alternative Innovative Development – AID

01. Description of your organization

Alternative Innovative Development is a non-profit organization founded in 2015, based in Larisa, Greece. With over 100 members, AID focuses on innovative initiatives to foster active citizens and contribute to a just society. The organization collaborates with educational institutions to promote technological transfer, innovation, and educational reform. AID has successfully executed national and EU projects in entrepreneurship, vocational and school education. Its interdisciplinary team comprises educators, psychologists, artists, and programmers.

AID’s goals encompass social integration, digital education, and transnational projects involving citizens. It empowers youth through diverse methods like e-learning, mentorship, and vocational placements. A.I.D. has extensive experience in ERASMUS+ activities and various program-funded projects. Both as a partner and leader, it carries the appropriate experience and know-how to successfully implement such projects. In terms of the projects that CIP has already materialized, a large number of studies and research as well as a variety of specially-designed workshops/conferences/meetings/innovative tools in a number of fields have been successfully completed by the skillful staff. Notable experts within A.I.D. include Giannis Gialamas, Dimitrios Alexandros Ladopoulos, and Theofano Papakonstantinou, contributing expertise in technology, education, project management, engineering, human rights, and women’s entrepreneurship.

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Tel: +30 698 44 29 133

Dimitris Ladopoulos