Name of project partner: Komunalno Javno Pretprijatie Vodovod

01. Description of your organization

Communal Public Enterprise “Vodovod” Kocani, is established by the Municipality of Kochani with the main aim to perform all activities from public interest as independent legal public body.

Public utility is performing successfully its activity with engagement of the full time and temporary employees, which number varies depending of the necessities (presently there are 220 permanent employees and around 50 temporary employees).

Public Utility ”Vodovod” is performing the following main activities:

– Operation and Maintenance of the Water supply network and Drinking water treatment plant

– Operation and Maintenance of the Waste water network as well as Waste Water Treatment plant

– Communal services – solid waste management

– Operation and Maintenance of the Geothermal system Geoterma

– exploitation and distribution of geothermal water

– Maintenance of the City market and fairs

– Arranging of the parks, city green areas

– Maintenance of the orthodox cemetery and city chapel

The Sector for IT and Development within Vodovod, a public utility, is dedicated to promoting environmentally-focused activities within the community. They have engaged in diverse initiatives, from geothermal energy to solid waste management and water resource protection. Vodovod’s notable accomplishments include participation in projects addressing climate change education, eco-friendly gardens, and preparing students for active engagement in local communities. Vodovod employees actively contribute to local environmental projects, either as partners or leaders. The team possesses excellent communication skills, fluency in English, strong computer literacy, and a keen motivation for international collaboration.

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Tel: +389 7636 2655

Sonja Gushkova