Name of project partner: High School “Ivan Sergeevich Aksakov”

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Established in 1845, the „Ivan Sergeevich Aksakov“ High School in Bulgaria has a rich history of evolution. Starting as a „Main Fourth Grade School on Russian Pattern,“ it transformed into a Male High School, then a Polytechnic High School. The school emphasizes humanities and foreign languages. Despite economic challenges, around 96% of its students pursue higher education, supported by dedicated staff. The school actively participates in international projects, fostering cross-cultural interactions. Its experienced team excels in subjects like English, Math, IT, and sciences, and students are skilled in communication and teamwork. The school’s commitment to innovation and collaboration makes it a valuable partner.

The High School is not only committed to academic excellence but also to fostering international collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. The school actively participates in various international projects, providing students with the chance to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. This engagement nurtures global perspectives, broadens horizons, and prepares students for the interconnected world they will navigate. Students are well-versed in foreign languages, particularly English and German, as well as IT skills. These proficiencies enable them to communicate effectively, collaborate in teams, create websites, conduct research, and meet crucial deadlines with confidence and skill.

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Tel: + 359 89 439 3134

Ivanka Vaklinova