Name of project partner: Association for Support of Economic Development – Local Action Group – LAG

01. Description of your organization

The Association for Support of Economic Development – Local Action Group – Kochani (NGO LAG) is a registered non-profit organization in Macedonia, founded in 2011 under LEADER+ program guidelines. Comprising representatives from public, business, and NGO sectors, its mission revolves around facilitating economic development within the municipality of Kochani. The NGO LAG has executed various projects, promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental awareness, and youth entrepreneurship. The organization is well-versed in transnational collaboration, demonstrated by its participation in numerous ERASMUS+ projects and strong partnerships with international organizations.

The NGO LAG’s diverse members bring valuable expertise in areas like project management, ICT, education, and policy development. Their skills extend to teaching, training, and language proficiency, facilitating effective communication and coordination. The organization’s commitment to quality is evident in its history of successful projects and its active involvement in dissemination and promotional activities. The organization’s established partnerships, strategic planning capabilities, and practical experience ensure a valuable and impactful collaboration.

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Tel: +398 76 281 005

Marija Velichkova