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The Municipality of Pazardzhik is situated in the South-central region of Bulgaria. Its population of 114,817 resides in 32 settlements, including one town and 31 villages. The area’s economic landscape is diverse, encompassing trade, industries such as wood-processing, cardboard, paper, textiles, clothing, food, machinery, and construction, as well as agriculture, which occupies 36% of the municipal territory. Tourism is also a notable sector.Functioning as a local authority, the Municipality of Pazardzhik formulates and enforces various policies spanning economic, social, and environmental domains. Its primary focus revolves around environment protection, climate change mitigation, energy efficiency, incorporation of renewable energy sources, and the promotion of responsible energy consumption. A series of successful environmental initiatives have been undertaken, including energy-efficient street lighting in select municipal areas, renovation of public buildings in Pazardzhik, preliminary studies for a biomass logistic center, and participation in EU-funded projects. The focus remains on fostering a shift in citizen mindset, strengthening civil society involvement, and advancing sustainable energy initiatives for a greener future.

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Tel: +359 89 993 8136

Tatyana Zheleva