Name of project partner: 1st Experimental Lyceum of Larisa

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The 1st Experimental Lyceum of Larisa, established in 1889, is a unique public school fostering innovation and talent. It has evolved from a historic Gymnasium, offering experimental programs, pilot teaching methods, and promoting research. The school is closely affiliated with the University of Thessaly and engages in educational, research, and training projects.

With a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic educators, the school actively participates in various European projects, including eTwinning, Erasmus KA1, and cultural initiatives. Teachers are skilled in ICT and pedagogical methods, ensuring high-quality education and promoting student engagement.

Key staff include educators like Antigone Karytsa, an experienced philologist with expertise in history and educational innovation. Athina Karalopoulou, another philologist, specializes in education management and has participated in Euroscola Day. Loukia Papatheodorou, an English Language Teacher, holds a Master’s in TESOL and is proficient in ICT. These educators are committed to multidisciplinary collaboration, creative thinking, and continuous learning, making them valuable contributors to international projects.

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Tel: +30 694 20 58 558

Antigoni Karytsa