Name of project partner: High School “Ljupco Santov”

01. Description of your organization

High School „Ljupco Santov“ is a distinguished non-profit secondary school located in the town of Kochani, Macedonia. The school’s student body is mixed, with half enrolled in classical Gymnasium classes and the other half in specialized Economical classes. With a rich history of success, the school has produced accomplished graduates who have excelled both domestically and internationally. The institution boasts a three-story building with 18 classrooms, dedicated spaces for music, art, computer studies, and accounting, a multimedia center, dance studio, gym, expansive playground, and an extensive library with a diverse collection of books.

The educators provide students with attentive care, comprehensive guidance, and support during their educational journey. Beyond the core curriculum, the school actively organizes a range of extracurricular activities, showcasing students’ talents and skills to the public. The school’s eco-committee focuses on enhancing ecological awareness and advocating for a healthy environment within the community.

Furthermore, the school has been engaged in several ERASMUS+ projects with partners from various European countries, demonstrating its commitment to international cooperation and educational advancement. The school’s teachers and staff participating in these projects are highly trained, experienced, and motivated individuals. They possess fluency in English, computer literacy, and excellent communication skills.

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Tel: +389 72 275 612

Dimitar Arsov